I am an artist living and working in Sydney, Australia.  All my past and present work is showcased at this website.  I create and sell my work independently – enquiries can be made directly.


I was born in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, and spent my formative years there.  After studying Fine Arts at Northern Territory University, majoring in Oil Painting, I moved to Sydney.  As well as art, I currently work in the construction industry, which has influenced the subject matter in a lot of my recent paintings and photography.

The Artworks

Most of my inspiration comes from urban scenes and found objects, especially ones showing age and decay.  I paint in a realist-inspired style, freely interpreting the subject matter and manipulating its emotive impact.  To me, oil painting has many attractions.  The depth and richness of colour, and the techniques and challenges of the tradition are all appealing.  I use the highest quality materials available.  E.g. woven linen with an oil-based primer, and I make my own mediums.